The 12 Document Management Facts of Christmas

Author: Richard Shaw
Posted: December 21, 2015

As we approach the end of the year, it is the time or businesses to begin examining their processes and efficiencies within the organisation. No doubt one of the key aspects that businesses will have to consider is the way in which they manage the considerable sum of documents that will no doubt pass through the business on a daily basis. An ever more important discussion with each passing month, here are the 12 Document Management Facts of Christmas to consider.

Challenges with documents account for 21.3% productivity loss

Documentation within a business is pivotal to its operation on a daily basis, and with such a high loss in productivity, it is obvious that managing these effectively should be a high priority.

E-Signatures save approximately £13 per document

An effective signing off process is something that often alludes businesses, and if they could comprehend the saving involved, they might consider e-signatures as a worthwhile investment.

E-Signatures reduce turnaround times by 80%

Turnaround times on signing is another reason that e-signatures have to be viewed as an effective and viable business solution. There really is no excuse for businesses to wait on such things.

Professionals spend 50% of their time searching for information

When professionals are spending copious amounts of time searching for documents, they are becoming a hindrance rather than a help, and it is time to make a change.

77% of business owners would like to be able to access files remotely

Business owners clearly understand the value of cloud-based document management systems, so the implementation of them seems like plain business sense.

83% of knowledge workers lose time to versioning issues, every day

When versioning issues become an actual problem, it is time to make a change, no business should be losing efficient work time because of something so trivial.

92% of knowledge workers depend on email for document sharing

There is no need for this stat to be a reality, particularly when the systems exist to solve exactly this problem. Email sharing is an extremely inefficient approach to document management, and no doubt heavily contributes to business costs throughout the year.

7.5% of all paper documents are lost

Losing documents is never acceptable, and such a high percentage is quite shocking, particularly when the solution is in place.

3% of paper documents are misfiled

It may seem like a small figure, but when placed in context of the document’s importance, it can be extremely debilitating to effective business processes.

80% of business information is still paper based in most organisations

In itself, this isn’t a particularly shocking statistic, but the next may place it in some more severe context…

Paper records double every three years

Just imagine the paper load that your office will have to support. The cost in both storage and space is astonishing.

Food for thought for the new year?

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