4 Office Supplies You Can’t Live Without

Author: Richard Shaw
Posted: November 6, 2014

Your office, whether at home or at a place of work, is your workspace to mould. You know what you need around you to help you work to your best. Not all of us have the same needs in our office, but there are some office supplies that realistically, no office, whatever size can live without.

Post-It Notes

We all need to quickly scrabble something down occasionally, a half finished instruction or details of a customer or associate, so you need something to hand, and what better than a brightly coloured sticky note that you can put anywhere you feel like. They might be a bit messy but for a quick fix, there is nothing better in the world than a Post-It Note.


A bit less obvious, but be honest, how often do you find yourself looking for the office scissors only to discover that actually, they don’t exist. We’re not saying that you’re going to need the scissors regularly, but nothing looks worse than a ripped bit of paper, so make sure you have a pair handy. And not those godawful children’s plastic scissors that can barely fold a piece of paper, let alone cut it.


It’s a fairly accepted fact in Western society, that there is never a pen when you need one, particularly in an office. And let’s face it, the world just doesn’t run smoothly without a handy pen when you need one.


There is nothing worse than a pile of unruly papers on your desk, equally there is nothing better than a handy stapler to keep it all in order. The perfectionist’s dream, a stapler is an essential piece of equipment in the armoury of any business, big or small.

Get these four office supplies in your life and you’re one step closer to world domination.