4 Simple Ways To Make Your Office Greener

Author: Richard Shaw
Posted: April 21, 2015

Did you know that British businesses could easily save up to 20% if their energy costs – which for many would equate to a 5% increase in sales. Here are a few easy ways to get started on the road to becoming greener.

1) Switch off

On average, offices waste a massive £6,000 each year by leaving equipment on during weekends or holidays. Simply by getting staff into the habit of switching off equipment when they leave is by far the quickest and most effective way to begin the greener office journey.

Lighting can account for 15% of an office’s energy so make sure make the most of those light sunny days for natural light and switch off when it’s not necessary.

2) Use less paper

The greenest paper is no paper at all. Sadly we haven’t yet reached a stage where everything can be digitized, but worry not because there are still ways you can work to become a greener office. The more you can do as a company online, the less you will need paper. Sending emails rather than letters, typing up any notes on the computer, and reviewing documents online can all work towards making a greener office.

3) Recycle

By far one of the easiest, least demanding ways is to recycle. Set up a few recycling bins around the office and encourage people to properly dispose of their rubbish. Take this process a step further by buying recycled printer paper with a high percentage of post-consumer content and the minimum of chlorine bleaching. Printing on both sides is another worthwhile action to help you go green. Any recyclable products you can purchase, such as envelopes, pencils, biodegradable soaps will all help to create a much greener office environment.

4) Car shares

The amount of time we spend as individuals sitting in traffic equates to a huge about of gas wasted each year. We can ease this trend through activities such as carpooling, using public transport, walking, cycling or perhaps even a combination of all of these options. If none of those options are viable, working from home could be another choice.

According to the EPA, ditching your car for two days per week will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by an average of 1,600 pounds per year.

Do you have any tips for making your office greener? Let us know in the comments below.