5 Reasons You Need a Document Management System

Author: Richard Shaw
Posted: November 6, 2014

As professionals, we’re all looking for that system that makes everything that little bit easier to manage. The world moves at a breakneck pace and our brains simply cannot be expected to stay on top of it all. The answer; a Document Management System.

1. Space

Eventually, all of those huge filing cabinets are going to become a bit of an annoyance, and are going to fill more space then you can reasonably expect to have available, particularly if you only have a small office. And no matter how you try, that mountain of paperwork is only going to get bigger. So keep it all in one place, stored on a document management system, keeping your work environment spic and spam.

2. Efficiency

With the day-to-day monotony of workplace administration cut out from the schedules of your staff, general efficiency and workload management can only improve. Document Management Systems allow staff to be placed onto tasks with more financial benefit to their business.

3. Cost

An average worker in the UK uses 15,000 sheets of paper every year. This has a cost implication of approximately £170 per person. The simple truth is, this is an unnecessary cost and although the elimination of paper from the office workspace is some way off, document management can reduce much of this unwelcome cost.

4. Easy Access

As good as we are at filing, finding archived documents is truly a pain in the neck, when we have to trawl through months or even years of files. Document management ensures that all files are easily accessible at all times. This again links back to the efficiency of staff as a result of implementing this kind of system.

5. Security

Much of the reason people don’t use DM Systems is because of concerns surrounding security. Businesses are worried that their files are not as safe as they would be locked up in a big filing cabinet, but in reality DM systems offer layers of robust security and are perhaps the safest manner of storing files.

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