The 5 Simple Steps to Becoming Paperless

Author: Richard Shaw
Posted: July 14, 2015

Becoming paperless is a lofty goal for any business. Existing processes obviously dictate any changes moving forward and traditional business practices see tons of paper used every day. However, going paperless is not an impossibility for businesses (around half could go paperless by the end of 2015), whose process should follow some simple steps.

1. Identify System

The first step is identifying the document management system that works to the exact requirements of the business in question. You need to consider your businesses needs and limitations regarding pricing and functionality. Make sure you research all of the options available to you in forensic detail, you are making a big change to your business, and you really can’t afford any mistakes.

2. Stop Printing Unnecessarily

Every business is guilty of printing unnecessarily; it’s an easy habit to get into and a difficult one to break. When you and your team go to print a document, consider why you are printing it and whether you really need it. You may be surprised by the results. Get in the habit of printing less and you will waste far less paper and resources.

3. Improve One Step at a Time

Making changes to your businesses paperless and document management systems doesn’t need to happen all at once. In fact, changing too much too soon can cause problems within the business’ operations. Instead, work out priorities and change things one step at a time, this will make the change easier to manage and introduce to staff.

4. Keep the Momentum Going

Once you successfully made the necessary change to one business process, don’t stop. Move onto the next. As soon as you start to get some momentum together then you will find that making a positive change to your business will become far easier and faster.

5. Buy into Paperless Processes

Going paperless requires a big commitment from you and your employees and the process will not work unless you buy into the paperless ideal. Make sure that you and your team is fully committed to the paperless goal and the process will be far simpler. If you needed any further reasons to buy into the paperless process (for yourself or your colleagues), you can see the true scale of the our paper addiction here.

For assistance in identifying the best document management system, and in going paperless, get in touch with Margolis today.