5 Ways to Create an Awesome Office Environment

Author: Richard Shaw
Posted: November 6, 2014

Good workspace productivity is a real cocktail of various factors. This can refer to processes or working hours or even the people themselves, but an obvious ingredient of this carefully mixed content is the environment in which your team do their business. But what are the key points to creating an awesome office environment?


An effective workspace should be spacious with plenty of room for staff to move around in. No one wants to work in a cramped space and an untidy workspace can be a very real cause of stress for staff in an already high pressured environment. Think about the arrangement of your office furniture and how you can best optimise the space available to you.


As much as we try, no one can be expected to work to the very best of their abilities for 8 or more hours straight. As such, downtime or “playtime” is vitally important to your staff’s overall productivity, so look to add something to your workspace, such as a pool table or football table, and create a really dynamic office space.

Healthy Food

To coin a phrase, healthy workers are happy workers. Free fruit readily available is a great way to offer staff some healthy sustenance. A communal fruit bowl is also a great way to show your staff that you care about their well being.


No one can be expected to work to anywhere near their best if they’re sitting on a chair which they just cannot get comfortable on. Its an impossibility to focus on anything properly if you’re feeling uncomfortable, so make sure staff have chairs that they can sit on for long periods of time in comfort.

Get To Know Your Staff

Take the time to get to know your staff. People are always happiest when talking about something that they are passionate about, and the happier the staff are, the better they will work. People are what make the working environment special, and a great team means a great environment.

What do you think makes a great working environment? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.