7 Ways to Make Your Employees LOVE Their Office

Author: Richard Shaw
Posted: July 16, 2015

We’ve all heard the old adage that a happy office is a productive office, and it really is the people who make the office come to life, but what can you do to make your employees love coming into the office everyday.

1. Keep Everyone Comfortable

It is a lot easier to be productive when you are comfortable. In designing the layout and choosing the furniture of the office, think comfort first, design second, it is surprising how often they will crossover as concepts.

2. Plan Utility Processes

When technology and equipment faults occur on a regular basis, it is impossible to work effectively. When your business can seamlessly encounter and overcome issues with utility processes, you can ensure greater efficiency, and reduce the stress that accompanies such issues.

3. Be Organised

Everything has a place should be the motto for keeping your office organised. For staff, nullifying the stress of finding things you need is an underestimated luxury, and one that can make a big difference to office happiness. A document management system can go a long way to making this a reality.

4. Train Your Staff

It’s easy for an office to become a stagnant environment when there are no incentives to improve. Train the staff so that they feel like their career is moving in the direction they want, and give them the opportunity to develop and grow with the business. It is much easier to work to a goal.

5. Offer Perks

Sometimes a little perk, like treating your staff to lunch, can go a long way to your staff’s happiness. When your hard work is recognised and rewarded, it certainly makes a big difference to how you approach your daily tasks.

6. Involve Everyone

It’s important to make your staff a part of the business, and they will be more motivated if they are actively involved in the forward direction of the business. Involve your team in everything from the design and set up of the office to the processes of the business.

7. Provide Entertainment

Down time is just as important in an office as work time, and it is telling when employees prefer to be away from the office during breaks. Creating entertaining breakout areas with fun activities, such as pool and table football. Refreshed employees will work harder and better

Making an office an awesome place to be isn’t easy, but when you achieve it, it will be reflected in the business’ results.

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