What are the Key Benefits of Document Storage?

Electronic Document Management (EDM) presents a whole host of benefits to businesses with storage problems, security issues or management nightmares.

Reduce Costs

EDM allows you to reduce the amount of physical storage space required, which you can reclaim for other purposes, and you’ll no longer need to buy filing cabinets, shelving, archive boxes, folders etc. There’ll be less need for consumables like paper and toner, so printing and copying costs will also be reduced.

Save Time, Improve Efficiency

EDM ensures documents are well organised, managed and indexed, so staff can search for and retrieve information faster. Powerful indexing and keyword tagging makes data retrieval quick and easy across multiple locations – gone are the days of documents only existing in one physical location!

Improve Collaboration

A Document Management System (DMS) enables better sharing of documents between individuals and departments across multiple sites and facilitates remote working. Documents can be accessed simultaneously by more than one user, improving cross-departmental communication and allowing supplier and customer enquiries to be solved quickly and efficiently.

Comply With Regulations

For regulatory compliance, a document management solution helps you remain within the law by automatically applying a digital signature to every document. The system maintains a full audit trail, which ensures internal accountability and helps to ensure users adhere to governing body guidelines.

Security and Disaster Recovery

Electronic document storage means no more lost files or folders. Full disaster recovery is guaranteed, giving you peace of mind that your business-critical information is safe from flood, theft or fire. File integrity is maintained by granting different levels of access to users – a full audit trail logs who has accessed, edited or printed a document – thus protecting sensitive or confidential information.

Improve Staff Productivity

An EDM system eradicates the need for manual storage and retrieval, which takes time and drains staff resources. The drudgery of filing and manual data entry is eliminated, meaning staff can be assigned to more fulfilling tasks, which should improve morale and motivation.

Automate Business Processes

Our EDM systems automate time-critical, document-intensive processes via bespoke document management, data capture and workflow software, which effectively manages the information flow throughout your organisation. As well as digital files, you can also scan, store and automatically deliver physical documents like invoices, faxes and shipping notes; all integrated into one centralised system.


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Key Benefits

  • Reduce costs
  • Save time, improve efficiency
  • Improve collaboration
  • Comply with regulations
  • Security and disaster recovery
  • Improve staff productivity
  • Automate business processes