How Can Document Management Impact on Schools?

Author: Richard Shaw
Posted: August 25, 2015

As a concept, the idea of the paperless school is an attractive one, but it is perhaps an unrealistic expectation, at least in the short term. However, schools can immediately explore going paper-lite as an option using document management.

The school industry is a paper heavy world. Schools have very traditional processes, which involve workbooks, registers, handouts, and so on, which ultimately lead to a very paper centric approach to work. Management and administration staff have very specific filing needs that are needed to stringently manage extremely important and sensitive documents regarding their students and the general running of their school.

This is a globally accepted structure, which makes escaping it difficult. The benefits of going paper-lite however are numerous, particularly given the responsibility to green living that schools are expected to adhere to.

The Benefits of Document Management in Schools

As with all industries and businesses that choose to go paperless, there are immediate benefits in terms of storage, when considering both cost and space. Schools in particular have to store a large number of important documents, so the savings in time, space and money are immediately noticeable.

Another key consideration is the subject of security. In schools, security cannot be underestimated and the collation of hundreds of hard copy, confidential documents does not offer a secure solution. Electronic document management for schools is an immediate and realistic solution to this problem, whilst also offering an easy method of quickly accessing documents for those inside the institution.

How Can Schools Move Forward?

Moving forward to a paper-lite solution is not an easy change for any organization to make. This difficulty is only amplified in a school environment, and making wholesale changes over a short period of time is not a feasible option. Schools should slowly re-evaluate each subtle process, making changes in relevant departments, layer by layer.

In an institution with so many layers, the effective sharing and management of files is of immediate benefit to the smooth running of the existing systems as well as freeing up time and space. Taking that first step towards ‘Paper-lite’ may be the hardest, but its benefits will be felt long after.

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