EDM: The Envy of Admin Assistants, Secretaries and Filing Clerks

Full filing room
Author: Richard Shaw
Posted: March 17, 2016

Do you remember the filing room? If you do, I’ll bet it isn’t a fond memory. All those hours spent manually gathering, sorting and applying some kind of logical indexing to hundreds upon hundreds of physical documents. Then you have to somehow cram them into filing cabinets and boxes that are already bursting at the seams!

And because you’re the only person who sort of understands the filing system, guess who gets to spend even more time turning the place upside down searching for an elusive file that’s somehow slipped through the net. Then comes the walk of shame, where everyone in the office mutters about how you’ve slowed down productivity, again!

Woe betide you if there’s a data breach… “I think John from accounts might have taken that invoice to the copy room, that’s the last time I saw it.” Not much of a defence, is it? Especially when one of your biggest customers has just had their account hacked and information stolen.

No, you certainly don’t miss those days. What a relief it was when the filing room was emptied and all those pesky documents were taken away for secure shredding.

The Digital Solution

Nowadays, the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software scans physical files into your cutting-edge, cloud-based Document Management System (DMS) where they’re digitally categorised, indexed and validated for forward processing.

Key data is extracted from your paper documents and integrated with other applications, assisting with the automation and optimisation of core processes. You also have the peace of mind that any sensitive or confidential data is securely protected – safe from flood, fire or theft.

Documents containing business critical information can now be retrieved in seconds anytime, anywhere, by anyone with the necessary access privileges. Your colleagues regularly comment on how collaboration and knowledge sharing has improved.

You also have a full audit trail and version control, which helps you ensure your processes are compliant with industry guidelines and your information governance policy.

EDM: For Whatever the Future Holds

The system is fully scalable and information is preserved forever with an ultra-efficient auto-archiving solution. If something goes wrong, built-in disaster recovery protocols will ensure your data and information can be restored from a back-up with minimal downtime.

The best part is, the expert consultants at Margolis helped you through the transition from start to finish, ensuring the implementation of the Document Management System ran smoothly. In fact, they’re still on hand for advice and support whenever you need it.

The only thing left to decide is what to do with the old filing room.

The requests are flooding in – games room, kitchen and break-out area, shower and changing room, fitness centre, library, an elegant new meeting room… but you’ve got your eye on an indoor golf simulator.

If you’re stuck in a filing room and need help to put together a business case for cloud-based Electronic Document Management (EDM), speak to us today! And if you have a few minutes, why not test your knowledge of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) with this board game quiz – you could win an iPad 3!

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