Electronic Document Delivery

Margolis helps organisations to capture, manage, deliver and preserve information with document workflow solutions that integrate with back end systems, optimise business processes and increase efficiency.

At Margolis, we help businesses to electronically deliver their documents, which achieves business efficiencies and allows more time for employees to focus on what’s important.

Output Management

Margolis provide bespoke workflow solutions to deliver documents and information to people and places when and where they’re needed.

Documents can be converted into data, regardless of source or format, and securely integrated with other back end IT systems. Information can be shared and collaborated upon across multiple office locations, which improves productivity and staff satisfaction.

For example, in a mailroom environment…

Scanned documents are identified and categorised using existing business rules, and the electronic image and meta-data are automatically delivered to where they’re needed. This could be a person’s mailbox, a network folder or direct integration into your finance system, CRM or specialist case management software.

In addition, the document and index data can be sent to your Document Management System (DMS) for storage or forward processing.

With an invoice processing solution, financial data is extracted from supplier invoices and automatically imported into Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. A workflow can be added to deliver invoices for approval or validate them against other documents in the business.

Understanding Electronic Document Delivery

Our commitment is to ensure all our clients receive the support they need to evolve their business processes and make dramatic improvements in efficiency. Therefore, we work closely with businesses through the entire project life cycle to implement an effective electronic document delivery scheme that achieves measurable results.

We’ll help you define your DMS needs and create a strategy that meets them in terms of scalability and cost-effectiveness. We can also provide support and guidance far beyond the implementation of your new Electronic Document Management (EDM) system.

To discuss electronic document delivery with Margolis, get in touch today. You can call us on 01689 473 732 or use our contact form.


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Key Benefits

  • Reduce costs
  • Save time, improve efficiency
  • Improve collaboration
  • Comply with regulations
  • Security and disaster recovery
  • Improve staff productivity
  • Automate business processes