How do I prepare my business in case disaster strikes?

There are some things you can do that will help you in case disaster ever strikes your business or organisation. Ask yourself these questions: If disaster comes our way, what information or data is necessary for us to run this organisation or do our tasks? How important are your client and employee records, accounting and […]

How does workflow and business process software help?

Workflow and business process software helps to make your everyday business process smooth and simple. The software is an automation tool, which can map and control the day-to-day processes in your organisation, reducing the need for your intervention. The technology also routes documents to the users in your network, and thus, ensures improved efficiency.

What is OCR conversion?

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a technology where typed or printed documents can be scanned as an electronic image. The characters can be recognized from the image and translated into a text format such as ASCII. This can be done with documents where you may only have the printed or paper copy, but do not […]

What is Document Management?

Document Management (also known as Electronic Document Management – EDM) is an information technology that has evolved over the past two decades. EDM was perceived as a basic “electronic filing cabinet” that stored scanned documents and images on a server that could capture, index and retrieve data for future use. Today, document management is part […]

Why buy from Margolis?

Because we have over 20 years in the document management and workflow arena with hundreds of satisfied customers in the UK and Europe.

What are the key benefits on EDM?

Centralised document storage providing enterprise content management Instant document access for approved users Audit trails improve legislative compliance Automate many business workflows Improve business continuity with document disaster recovery enabled by document archiving software