Nearly Half of Businesses Are Going or Could Go Paperless in 2015

Author: Richard Shaw
Posted: July 10, 2015

The paperless office is for many businesses an ultimate goal, a benchmark for supreme efficiency with a company. As a reality that Margolis strive to achieve for our clients and contacts through our document management solutions, we were keen to understand how many businesses felt that they were able or were planning to go paperless in 2015. In order to do this, we completed a survey of 150 small/medium business owners, asking the question: “Do You Think Your Business Could Go Paperless in 2015?”

Going Paperless in 2015

30% of business said that they could go paperless in 2015, and almost 20% declared that they were already paperless. Overall, the survey seemed to suggest that almost half of businesses (48.7%) are now considering paperless as a viable option within their company and processes. For Margolis, this represents a movement that businesses are beginning to view online and automated systems of document management as superior options in terms of efficiency.


The survey produced a number of other interesting results regarding how businesses viewed the importance of being paperless. 6% of businesses claimed that they simply did not want to go paperless, whilst a further 16.7% didn’t know. Whilst this reinforces that going paperless is clearly not yet a universal goal across the business world, it is interesting to see almost half of business owners actively engaging with this visionary target.

Understanding the Cloud 

The results of our survey were further supported by data surrounding Cloud usage. Alongside the main survey, we also asked the same audience the question: “How Much Do You Think You Use the Cloud?” Whilst there was clearly some nervousness and misunderstanding regarding usage of the cloud, with 4.7% of those surveyed asking, “what is the cloud?” the majority of those asked claimed to use the cloud on a daily basis or more – 46% daily and 10% 8-12 times a week.

These users represent the voices of those who have accepted the cloud and are engaged in its regular use. In the business, by engaging in cloud computing, users effectively reducing the need for large quantities of paper being used or filing storage in the office, thus making an important step towards being paperless.

Achieving Paperless

Successfully making the transition to being paperless requires a big commitment on the part of the businesses and business owners. By committing to paperless, you are actively changing the core makeup of your business, and how it operates on a daily basis. For many business owners, misconceptions surrounding cost and time are an immediate repellent for paperless and document management services. However, the long-term savings on both time and money far outstrip the short-term costs that often prove the main factor behind businesses opting out of paperless services.

Taking the bold step towards being a paperless office is a massive transition for any business, but many are now thinking about the process and feel that they are in a position to become paperless this year. Whether this data leads to actual action taking place and a significant movement to become paperless takes place is yet to be seen, but the signs are strong.

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Thanks to Christian Schnettelker for the image