Why a Hobby is Good For Your Work Life

Author: Richard Shaw
Posted: November 6, 2014

We so often hear people telling us to balance out our professional and personal lives. We’re told that if we get the one right, then the other will be improved. But sometimes the pace of modern life can make it simply impossible to get the balance right. However, by simply finding a hobby, which we can fully immerse ourselves in, just for a few hours a week, our work life can drastically improve.

Whether its a sport or an activity, taking up a hobby is immediately good for our personal wellbeing, giving us an outlet and focus for our energy. In the workplace though, it can be a vital method of finding ourselves some important downtime and a way of reducing office stress.

Professionally, we are typically hopeless at ‘living in the moment’, constantly planning ahead to the next project and finding little time to enjoy our successes. A hobby allows us something that for a short amount of time, we can lose ourselves in and find the time to enjoy ourselves. Essentially, this time, however short, allows us a break from the super highway of information that is constantly running through our brains, and gives us the opportunity to think only of the enjoyment at hand.

Some professionals have even cited a connection between leadership skills and decision making skills and taking up a hobby, either a sport or an activity. These transferrable skills are seen as invaluable to the workplace and can add even more value to your personal interests.

It’s important to take time in your life to reenergise, maintaining your balance and ensuring success. A hobby is a way of relieving your workplace stress and allowing your brain to chance to have a break, giving you new energy to give you confidence for the new day.

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