Can the Hotel and Leisure Industry Really Go Paperless?

Author: Richard Shaw
Posted: September 27, 2015

By its very, the hospitality and leisure industry is one of the most manic on a day by day basis. The daily challenges of the industry require those involved to manage large numbers of people whilst offering a luxurious service to them all. Keeping a close eye on costs is vital to their success, so ensuring that there is some level of semblance and order in place is quite the skill.

The Challenges Facing Hospitality

The paperless challenge that confronts the hospitality industry is one that is familiar across businesses. Coping with the organisational challenges as well as the physical cost of paper and required storage are common issues, compounded by the obvious challenge of physical space used by erroneous filing cabinets. The hospitality industry of course, has its own challenges.

The chaotic nature of the leisure industry has led to mismanagement throughout, with poor workflow and a decentralised information management system leading to a loss of or misinterpretation of information. The leisure industry also suffers from a huge surplus of paper with operating sheets, employee records, invoices and cash receipts all required along with countless other paper forms.

Paperless or Paper Lite?

In light of the heavy paper usage in the industry, the paperless goal is perhaps a tall order, at least in the short term. However, that is not to say that change cannot be made within the leisure industry. A reassessment of the goal sees paper lite becoming a more reasonable target. Managing staff records and the daily flow of the business through a document management system are the first of a few important possible changes that can make a huge difference to the efficiency of the industry.

Businesses should look to make small changes, piece by piece, changing one aspect of the business at a time. This will ensure a solid change of focus, allowing a steady transition that will not damage the business’s earning potential.

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