Importance of Document Accountability in Healthcare

Author: Richard Shaw
Posted: August 25, 2015

The healthcare is an institution which naturally has a heavy output of documents and paperwork. Everyday, health records are required and highly important and sensitive documents are printed and filed in there hundreds of thousands. This is typical of the sector, and understandable based on the importance of the documents in question, but does push a large amount of responsibility to those involved in the sector.

As such professionals in the healthcare sector, like education, are strictly confined to high standards of security and accountable for the safety of all of the documents in question.

The #paperlessNHS

The #paperlessNHS has become a large movement in recent months, with reporting that an astonishing 85% of the British public (an overwhelming majority) support joined-up health records and secure electronic access to data from their GP’s record.

The related poll, conducted by YouGov believed that this would improve patient care, reduce avoidable treatment errors and save patients the frustration of having to repeat information to professionals other than their GP. What was also found to be a concern to the public was that A&E doctors do not have automatic access to information on long-term conditions. The information revealed that 58% of the UK population were unaware that hospital doctors were not able to electronically access information for a patient’s GP medical record (A&E doctors have to contact the GP to ask for such records, or treat without it).

Revelations in the way that the healthcare sector works have indeed highlighted fears, but the solution is available and ready now, in the form of document management.

Steps Forward

Such a wholesale change to the way in which the healthcare sector and the NHS work is not likely to happen overnight, but if those involved can come to terms and understand that electronic document management offers a secure method of storing, managing and sharing documents, then positive movements can be made.

The benefits to the healthcare sector across the board are obvious, and understanding how these can help both patients and doctors are key to the inception of the #paperlessNHS.

If you are involved in the healthcare sector and would like to discuss how electronic document management can work for you, then get in touch with the Margolis team today.