What Does The Paper in Your Office Look Like?

Does your office look like this?
Author: Richard Shaw
Posted: September 17, 2015

Despite the best efforts of many to go paperless, we are still a very paper heavy nation. A habitual pattern shows that we often will print that which we do not need, whether for ease of use or simply because we do not have the systems in place to combat such a high paper usage. However, if people could see just how much paper they are using, they might take steps to combat it.

Our research has shown that a typical business needs somewhere around 130 filing cabinets in order to store its documents, an astonishing amount of storage when one thinks about it. Some key considerations regarding this data include the cost implication of purchasing the filing cabinets. This is a cost that is guaranteed to balloon continuously as more cabinets are required. The space implications are also very important with 130 cabinets taking up almost 6,000m2 of office space, space that could be used in a far better way!

If you’ve ever wanted to see what that amount of paper looks like, keep reading!

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The solution is actually much clearer than people might think. Electronic document management systems such as DocuWare offer a way of organising a high volume of paperwork and helping employees to manage important documents between them in a more confident and organised manner.

As a cost, document management offers a long term saving on the astonishing and unexpected cost of maintaining such a high volume of physical documents. You needn’t go paperless in one fell swoop, many businesses slowly work through their processes one by one, and slowly improve their profitability and organisation.

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