Productivity Boosting Recipes for Business

Author: Richard Shaw
Posted: July 1, 2015

Boosting productivity and working smarter is pretty integral to your day-to-day success in the workplace. Whilst this risks sounding like a tired cliché – there are still ways to make this fun – or failing all else, at least a little more interesting!

IFTTT (If This Then That) is software/social network, which has grown massively over the last two years; it works on a very simple principle that allows you to link your favourite services together.

So if you wanted to save all the files your co-worker sends to you, you can set up a recipe that looks something like:

IF I received an email from “Sarah” THEN save the attachment in Google Drive

There’s no coding or complexities about it, just sign-up, setup a recipe of your choosing – and away you go!

For those who are new to the service, it can be hard to know what recipes to setup, but we’ve got a great infograhpic, which has 18 top IFTTT recipes for businesses, that we think you’ll find useful. Just click on one and a new window will open and take you direct to the page where you can save the recipe and add it to your own IFTTT account.

View Full Interactive Version (via London & Zurich).

If you like this infographic, it couldn’t be easier to share, just copy and past the code (above) into your blog/website and when you hit ‘publish’ everyone else will be able to make use of them.