Price lists, orders, forecasts, prospects and RFV metrics; success in sales comes from gleaning customer insight from data. You can never be armed with too much information when you’re out in the field…

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Human Resources

Contracts, evaluations, reviews and letters of recommendation; employees are your most precious resource. A secure DMS ensures personal information and employment histories are kept safe from unauthorised access…

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Manufacturing and Quality Control

Speed up production and manufacturing while increasing legal security and meeting retention schedules. Quality Control also benefits from a transparent well-organised information management system…

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Invoices, price information, product specs, delivery notes, quotes, item descriptions – store them all in a central document pool. It only takes a few clicks to compare quotes and invoice approval is simpler and quicker…

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Invoices, delivery notes, statements and packing slips; nothing is booked without a supporting record. Automatic filing and rapid access to information are the norm for companies using Document Management…

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All company documents can be stored centrally in a manner that is compliant with legal regulations. All authorised employees, whether in marketing, sales, production or administration, can immediately access them regardless of format…

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