Keeping documents current and under control – worldwide

Speed up production and manufacturing while improving your company’s legal security. Quality Control will also benefit from a transparent well-organised information management system, which safely stores everything and fulfils the documentation needs of today’s product liability laws and retention schedules.

Key Benefits

  • Critical to fulfilling guidelines and product liability laws
  • Clearly structured version control and information management
  • Inter-departmental access to documents, regardless of source or location
  • Easy workflow process tracking using stamps
  • Speed up “Time to Market”

Guidelines vs. Progress

Product liability laws and guidelines for the storage and long-term archiving of documents are becoming more stringent. At the same time, development and product cycles are speeding up, with “Time to Market” playing a key competitive role. Sustaining efficient and error-free production is therefore necessary to keep pace with progress. It might only take a single mistake and you could be looking at a loss of millions.

From Transparency Comes Innovation

Transparency is needed everywhere. Yet many production facilities are overwhelmed with managing growing piles of required documentation. Planning materials that have to be retained long term, as required by law, include every note or document involved in the process; including letters, e-mails, protocols, accounting records, drawings, CAD plans, photographs and more. Every day, documents are modified and new ones added, so it comes as no surprise that manufacturing documents can fill up folders, filing cabinets and even entire rooms.

Production, quality control and accounting departments must all be able to access individual documents, going back years in some cases, regardless of format. Paper documents have a way of getting lost in a work area or remote location – caught up in the world of faxes, courier deliveries or xerox scans. Even if a company has done its best to store them in a network, employees often have trouble opening or using them since the correct software may not be installed on their PC.

Knowledge Supports Compliance

When chaos rules, contractual disagreements, patent and product liability cases are all but pre-programmed for loss, but with document management it’s different. You’ll have a secure, clearly structured system in place for all your manufacturing documents, which easily meet legal guidelines. Knowing that your manufacturing documentation is safe means you can go back to concentrating on your primary business goals.

Manufacturing Process in Focus

An important detail critical to production is being questioned, but the document that will clear things up is missing. The result? Work has come to a standstill! Now you’re facing a loss of time, revenue and competitive edge. Disaster.

Get a Handle on Production Documents

Document Management makes manufacturing and production processes more efficient. The system handles all your documentation from multiple locations in one central document pool. Paper documents are scanned and administered together with other electronic documentation. Authorised employees can easily access any of the documents needed in real-time from around the world. The programs used to generate the original files do not have to be installed on a computer in order to view them.

Quality Control in Focus

Production staff aren’t sure if they have the latest version of a technical drawing for a part they’re working on. Too many CAD files are stored without the proper version number. The result? An expensive mistake that only quality control catches. If they hadn’t, it could’ve turned into a million-dollar mistake and a tarnished reputation for your company.

Get a Handle on Version Control

With secure version management, QC staff can stay on top of things. A job status is immediately visible and can be tracked using electronic signatures and stamps. The system displays every change made on a document and records who modified it and when. The use of the latest version by each and every employee is guaranteed. Production continues on course, manufacturing costs stay on budget and you stay ahead in the “Time to Market” race.

Legal Security Under the Spotlight

Your company is facing a lawsuit regarding a certain product type and you’re required to turn over all manufacturing data going back decades – from hand-sketched notes to e-mail correspondences. Strange how the most important document seems to be missing. The result? The legal security of your company is at risk. You will not be able to prove you’ve met product liability laws and guidelines and face losing in court. This translates to a significant cost and casts a shadow on your company’s reputation.

Legally Sound

By providing tamper-free, long-term archiving, a DMS is the key for meeting document retention schedules and other legal requirements. Your documents are safely stored and nothing can be manipulated without detection, so contractual risks are minimised.


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Key Benefits

  • Reduce costs
  • Save time, improve efficiency
  • Improve collaboration
  • Comply with regulations
  • Security and disaster recovery
  • Improve staff productivity
  • Automate business processes