Hotel and Leisure

Without question, hospitality is one of the most exciting, dynamic and busy industries of all. It constantly involves walking a tightrope, balancing the provision of state-of-the-art facilities with cost management…

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Law firms need to control costs and continually improve performance. It’s almost impossible to control business processes, costs and performance optimisation when these factors cannot be observed and measured…

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The finance sector can benefit greatly from the introduction of a Document Management System. With document capture, search and filing times drastically cut, business processes are significantly sped up…

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Schools, colleges and universities manage large quantities of paperwork across the entire educational operation, including admissions, facilities management, health and safety, course work, HR forms, student records and Ofsted reports…

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Our EDM solutions enable you to consistently meet your customers’ changing requirements, sustain profitability and consistently produce the highest value product at the lowest possible price…

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An integrated document workflow solution speeds up business processes, such as “time to invoice”, by reducing document capture, search and filing times. Employees can find any document they need with one mouse click…

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Our Electronic Document Management (EDM) solutions operate as centralised repositories for all construction project documents, along with managing day-to-day correspondence associated with any type of business…

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Robust processes and fail-proof record tracking ensure records in transition through the scanning, indexing and restructuring process can be safely recovered, with minimal delay, should they be required in an emergency…

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Electronic Document Management (EDM) solutions speed up business processes, such as time-to-invoice, scheduling and freight record processing, by reducing search and filing times…

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