Transportation, Logistics and Supply Chain Management

An integrated document workflow solution speeds up business processes, such as “time to invoice”, by reducing document capture, search and filing times. Employees can find any document they need – even those from other applications – with one mouse click. Watch productivity grow while customer service response times shrink. Your company’s competitive edge is secured.

  • Speed up time-to-invoice with efficient workflow automation
  • Cost effective document management, regardless of source
  • Reduced search and filing times
  • Access to all documents, even from external systems
  • Transparent business processes
  • Less physical storage space required
  • Quicker invoicing – improved cashflow
  • Complete integration in foreign applications like ERP and logistics software
  • Faster, error-free record capturing – better data quality
  • Stronger client relationships through faster, better informed customer service
  • Motivated employees by reducing processing/search times
  • Continuous processes for more productivity – enhanced competitiveness

An Industry Under Pressure

Transportation and logistics – it’s an industry that’s constantly changing under the pressure of new competitors from emerging markets, shifting toll/tariff costs and fluctuating fuel prices. More than ever, success for companies working in this space depends on having the most cost-effective, efficient and flexible business processes, in addition to stellar customer service.

At the heart of all these processes and services are documents. The paper ones might first come to mind, like bills of lading, shipping slips and roll lists. But documents also come in electronic formats, such as correspondences and statements. Therefore, only companies using a Document Management solution to make the most of information found in all their documents – regardless of source – can retain their competitive edge.

Automating business processes and workflows means documents are readily available, where and when needed; one search quickly locates related documents. Every authorised employee can access documents in seconds with a mouse click – around the clock and around the world.

Poor Response Times

Customer service representatives are always facing client questions regarding shipments. With multiple filing systems, personnel then have to dig through binders, drawers and folders to come up with the facts. This is not a good scenario if it takes hours to locate the information and may even incur an expense if a return phone call is necessary. Poor customer service undermines client relationships.

Faster and Smarter Service

With an integrated solution, you can answer client questions in seconds. All records are ready to use as soon as they’re stored electronically in the central document pool. Any authorised employee can access them direct from their desktop. Search criteria can be anything from a client number to a shipping date. Employees can then answer an increased number of customer enquiries, even if they’re about shipments that took place years ago. Clients can also check their records themselves via the internet. Besides improving customer service, you increase the availability of valuable physical storage space.

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Key Benefits

  • Reduce costs
  • Save time, improve efficiency
  • Improve collaboration
  • Comply with regulations
  • Security and disaster recovery
  • Improve staff productivity
  • Automate business processes