Electronic Document Management (EDM) solutions speed up business processes, such as time-to-invoice, scheduling and freight record processing, by reducing search and filing times. Within a central document pool, employees can find any document they need – even those from other applications – with one mouse click. Watch productivity grow while customer service response times shrink. Your company’s competitive edge is secured.

Advantages of EDM Systems

  • Speed up time-to-invoice with efficient workflow automation
  • Cost-effective document management, regardless of source
  • Reduced search and filing times
  • Access to all documents, even from external systems
  • Transparent business processes
  • Less physical storage space required

An Industry Under Pressure

Transportation, logistics and supply chain management is an industry that’s constantly changing under the pressure of new competitors from emerging markets, shifting toll/tariff costs and fluctuating fuel prices. More than ever, success for companies working in this space depends on having the most cost-effective, efficient and flexible business processes, in addition to stellar customer service. Only through modern IT can a company make its processes more economically sound and find ways to provide innovative new services.

From Documents to Value

An EDM solution from Margolis will enable any organisation in any industry to transform documents into valuable capital. Regardless of format or source, our software automates business processes and workflows by electronically managing and sharing data and documents. Documents are readily available where and when they’re needed, and one search quickly locates any related documents.

Processes Put to the Test

Lots of companies are hard-pressed to keep up with today’s busy pace. When a driver returns from a delivery, freight documents are often copied several times before being handed to administration. Days, sometimes weeks, go by before you can send out invoices. Customer service is affected too since electronic correspondences are often filed separately from delivery notes and invoices. In many companies, different departments maintain different filing systems – from numerical to alphabetical. Making enquiries even more difficult to handle as there may be only one specialised employee who knows where to look for something. And if he or she is out of the office…

With EDM, it’s all different. Every authorised employee can access documents in seconds with a mouse click – around the clock and around the world.

Invoicing in Slow Motion

How long is it taking your company to create and send an invoice? If you answered longer than one day, it’s too long. Here is a typical scenario: freight records containing a delivery receipt that’s been signed by the customer are returned to the head office, they’re copied and sorted several times before going to the accounts department. Invoices are then generated according to terms of business, but first they go back by company mail to another employee to be checked and authorised. Your company has to carry all the time and expense incurred during this slow process.

Reporting in Seconds

The process is different with EDM; an invoice can be generated as soon as a delivery receipt comes in. An intelligent barcode label is immediately attached to the record and scanned. Depending on the document, which might contain a customer or job number, a workflow is automatically launched which in turn, automatically stores the document and notifies a staff member to review it for discrepancies. If none are found, the invoice can immediately be generated. If discrepancies are found, they can quickly be resolved and invoiced. With an EDM solution, the invoices can be printed out and simultaneously filed in the central document pool. Invoices are turned around in seconds helping to improve your company’s cashflow.

Process Hurdles, Extra Work

Staff members spend a lot of time inputting customer and vendor data into various IT systems and copying them for various paper archives. Multiple entries and storage locations means processes are ripe for error and wasted energy. Your competitiveness suffers.

Document Storage – Made Easy

We can provide software that brings all kinds of IT systems together, doing away with process barriers and extra work. Staff members can access all records in the central document pool from anywhere – whether by using EDM, an accounting program or specialised logistics software. Multiple entries are eliminated. Even the typing in of new record data is reduced since our EDM systems can be easily synchronised with data from other IT applications.

Poor Response Times

Customer service representatives are always facing client questions regarding shipments. With multiple filing systems, staff members have to dig through binders, drawers and folders to deliver the facts. This is not a good scenario if it takes hours to locate key information and may even incur added expenditure if return phone calls or re-invoicing becomes necessary. Poor customer service undermines client relationships.

Faster and Smarter Service

With our EDM, you can answer client questions in seconds. All records are ready to use as soon as they’re stored electronically in the central document pool. Any authorised user can access them direct from their desktop. Search criteria can be anything from a client number to a shipping date. Employees can answer an increased number of customer enquiries, even if they’re about shipments that took place years ago. Clients can also check their records themselves via the internet. Besides improving customer service, you increase the availability of valuable physical storage space. Your company’s competitive edge grows.

Overview: Benefits of EDM

  • Quicker invoicing, improved cashflow
  • Complete integration in foreign applications like ERP and logistics software
  • Faster, error-free record capturing for better data quality
  • Stronger client relationships through faster, better informed customer service
  • Motivated employees by reducing processing/search times
  • Continuous processes for more productivity – enhanced competitiveness
  • More legal security since processes can be traced for years
  • Less warehouse/storage space

File Cabinet Access via Internet

Access to documents, even years later, can be handled immediately with one click. Whether it’s an employee or customer, authorised users can securely access the information they need, either through an intranet or internet, around the clock and worldwide.

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Key Benefits

  • Reduce costs
  • Save time, improve efficiency
  • Improve collaboration
  • Comply with regulations
  • Security and disaster recovery
  • Improve staff productivity
  • Automate business processes