Stepping up Data Protection in Information Management

Author: Richard Shaw
Posted: February 9, 2016

In an age where documentation and management of data and information are of vital importance, businesses need to consider how they protect such a vital resource. Rather than a visionary business process, data protection should be considered a staple of the way in which enterprises manage information and data.

So what do businesses need to be vigilant of in 2016?

Personal Data Becoming More Valuable

ItProPortal has compared the rise of Personal Data to that of Rock Oil, during the 19th century, there was little demand for it. However, as more uses for Rock Oil were developed, demand grew. The same theory applies to data protection and personal data, as such stolen data has greater long term value, and hackers now seek to store such valuable data.

Two Factor Authentication Will Become More Commonplace

Passwords are becoming increasingly insecure, no matter how complex we might make them. As such businesses will move to introduce two-step authentications keeping professional hackers away from the vital data. When setting up personal accounts, we’ll often follow the stern instructions to create longer passwords, with numbers, symbols, capitals etc., but in reality, these only work to keep out amateur intruders. Businesses need to be more robust in fending off professional hackers.

APIs Can Provide a Treasure Trove of Data

APIs (application programme interfaces) can be dangerous for business owners if hacked. Hackers can easily gain access to encryption keys, and a compromised API – will expose data from all users, essentially presenting hackers with the motherlode of sensitive date. Essentially, if an APU is targeted, all of the application traffic included in it can be available.

Businesses should look to be continuously vigilant and take a multi-layered, dynamic approach to data security. Being safe in the knowledge that your data is secure, even in the event of a breach is a valuable commodity for any organisation.

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