Do we still need this amount of paper in our office?

A typical business needs around 130 filing cabinets to store its documents, if this was scanned, digitised and sent to the cloud it would be weightless and take up no space at all.

If you were to empty those cabinets and stack the paper it would take up quite a bit of space. See for yourself...

These 129 cabinets take up almost 6,000m2 of office space.

That’s about the same space as 166 people - and far less productive!

These filing cabinets contain around 1.3million pieces of paper when full.

If you were to stack this paper it would be 134m tall.

That’s about the same as 1.5 Big Bens standing on top of each other.

And would weigh over 6 tons
(that’s the same as a large African Elephant).

Imagine you were looking for that all-important document in all of this.

Is it here maybe?

Or here?

How much does this cost you in time hunting through it all?

Never mind the cost of this amount of paper!

Which would cost roughly £8,000 – before we start worrying about ink, electricity and other printing costs.

Could you do without having to manage over 6 tons of paper? Could you use the physical space more productively? Maybe it's time you looked at cloud-based document management and reduce this burden on your business?