Useful Eco – Friendly Office Gadgets

Author: Richard Shaw
Posted: April 21, 2015

Eco-friendly products have been a hot trend for a while now. Following on from our last post that detailed 4 ways to make your office greener, here are a few gadgets that can help the cause.


This is an excellent tool to help you save money through wasted energy. It’s a small USB device that can power down your computer when you leave your desk. A fantastic gadget for helping to reduce your carbon footprint and also simple to use, it’s a great addition to any office.

Energy-saving light bulbs

Although energy saving light bulbs have been around for a number of years, many businesses still haven’t taken advantage of this simple yet effective energy saving solution. The energy saved by using these light bulbs will save on energy bills on a daily basis and translate into more profits further down the line. Another additional benefit is that you won’t need to change the bulbs as often as you would with regular light bulbs.

The BioBulb promises not only to save you money, but also to bring the sunshine indoors.

They use 75% less energy than a standard bulb so will help you to save on your energy bill. BioBulbs emit 3 times as many lumens (a way of measuring natural light) as a standard energy saving bulb and give off the closest replication of sunlight possible. Meaning they also help to brighten your mood in the long winter months as well as your rooms.

Energy efficient printer

If you haven’t yet achieved a paperless office and printing is still vital to your organisation, using an eco-printer is a must. Canon do a fantastic variety of eco-printers suitable for all office sizes. Alternatively, an eco printer from HP is another good option. The HP LaserJet P4015x Printer reduces energy use by up to 50% with the “Instant-on” technology.

Radiator Booster

In winter, having a cold office is a common issue. The Radiator Booster from Tango Group aims to solve this problem by fanning heat from the radiator around the room. At £24.99 and about 30p a year to run, it will save more in costs and power than it takes to run and your staff will also appreciate the extra warmth.

These gadgets are all paving the way to a more energy efficient future. Tell us which gadgets your office is using to conserve energy in the comments below.